The Composing of Nows

The Composing of Nows

Do it, go for broke, especially if you’re scared because it’s most likely worth it. Don’t wait until tomorrow because tomorrow may never come. Tell them you love them, even if it means burning bridges and breaking others’ hearts. Say yes, or no, to what you’ve been arguing with yourself in your mind for what seems like years. If it ends badly chalk it up to life experience, and if it goes well then bow with gratitude to your good fortune and the good will of the universe.

This is your sign; take life by the reins and ride until you fall off, laughing and covered in Earth with the stars braiding themselves into your hair as the universe accepts you back into it’s infinite bosom at the end. Don’t hold back. Don’t be afraid of the inevitability of oblivion, for you have known it much longer than you will know your present form of sentient existence.

And always remember it’s all in your head, and that’s all it ever really will be. The only way you’ll ever know anything is by trying, so for your own mortal sake, at least fucking try.

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Until this moment in your life you have survived earth-shattering heartbreak, devastating loss, traumatic life-lessons and realizations, and the changing of the seasons within your soul as you found your way clamoring through the blurred edges of reality and your perceptions: the world. But here you are, still alive and growing, still aware and feeling, with sadness and joy swirling inside of you all at once, whilst you try to figure out how that is possible. I’ll tell you how, it is because you’re human; because you can not have dark without the light, my child, and the sooner you accept that the sooner you will become as whole as a full blue moon shining for the world from a clear, star-filled sky.

And even after the most painful of nights, and the most hollow of days, you are here, and you are still pushing your way through life. And even though you wanted to give up more times than you’ll ever admit, something inside you knew you were stronger than that, and it made you keep going.

You are atomically stardust, forged within the furnaces of exploding stars. You are full of seawater, the tides of your emotions pulled and pushed by the moon and fellow humans. And since birth, your salt-stained sweat and tears have not been an indication of weakness, but merely proof that you are truly alive.

You are cosmic royalty; you are the universe experiencing itself for a blink of time, and if you’re lucky you can’t help but feel it all, - feel the pain, the joy, the silence and the words - feel everything with such a burning passion that each feeling consumes you wholly. You are a collection of all you have ever met, loved, lost, experienced, and learnt. And although sometimes deep within the night it feels like you will never love again, never achieve those dreams, never really understand your life and all it has been and will come to be, you are not alone. You are tragic, you are beautiful, you are damaged and missing pieces, and this is what it means to be human - to be alive. Just keep living, stay hopeful, and know that whomever you are, I love and believe in you, even if you don’t.

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I hope you fall in love with life over and over again on a daily basis. I hope you fall in love with the magnificent beauty of the cosmic chance that is you; the chances of you existing are about one out of 400 trillion, to be exact. I hope you appreciate how wondrous your own pure existence is, especially when you’re your own worst enemy.

I hope your heart gets broken by the lonely echos of uncertainty, and that you find that there’s strength within the pain. I hope you’re still brave enough to love even after your heart has been shattered into a million pieces; and I hope you’re humble enough to accept help from another, and when you do, I hope that you mend each other’s souls as much as humanly possible.

I hope you understand that this is merely a quick visit, so you need to make the best of it you can, and really love yourself as much as you love everything else. I hope you know not everything happens for a reason, but that you still find important lessons within the most mundane of things. And above all, I hope you’re living every single part of your life with a fevered awareness full of burning curiosity, instead of merely existing.

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The fact that the more one expands their mind through experimentation, education, and exploration causes one to realize that they know absolutely nothing, in the larger scheme of things, is one of my favourite things about learning, much less life itself because it keeps us humble, but wanting more. 

Do yourself the favour of expanding your mind every day, in any and every way you can, because the greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of knowledge. Specifically the knowledge that even after decades of acquiring facts and information, you will still know nothing of our grandiose universe. It is within the mortality of our knowledge, and of our conscious existence where we find the tragic beauty of our shared experience through our limitless endeavour to better ourselves that spans over all of humanity. 

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the universe and everything in life, let yourself be overwhelmed by the curiosity burning within your mind, forever asking questions. Let yourself be brave enough to ask those questions, but humble enough to continue learning daily, and to better yourself until your dying day. Because in the end this is merely a learning process, a magnificently universal experiment. Do yourself a favour and forever stay eager. 

Image Credits: Gif made by Erin Mae Dul of The Science of Reality. Youtube video via InsaneFilmReel via NASA, Johnson Space Center, Earth Observatory, & ISS Crew Earth Observations. Original video editing by Bruce W. Berry.

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You made that quote?! I'm seriously crying it's so beautiful. It's EXACTLY how I feel. Thank you!

Oh wow, you’re so lovely, darling. Yes I did write that quote, everything I post on this blog is of original creation by me. And thank you, I’m glad my words can resonate with you in such a personal way. It’s always a good feeling to connect with others through my own creations. I hope you have a happy holiday season!  [: 

The quote is here, for any of you that are interested in reading it. 

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I was dead for millions of years before the birth of my physical and conscious existence. I will be dead for millions more after my heart has stopped beating, and the neurons inside of my brain have fired their last shots. I do not fear death, for I have known it much longer than I have known this present form of life; what I fear is not ever being truly alive during this brief visit on this planet we call Earth. And I am even more fearful and deeply saddened for those who will never notice the difference between truly living and merely existing.
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I find it so hard to finish anything because I want it to be best but my best isn’t good enough. I’m clamoring around this world of talented, beautiful people and I am nothing. 

Erin Mae Dul

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There was a way you pushed “I love you” out of your mouth that seemed so carefully and indescribably planned in that head of yours that I could barely utter it back. The gravity of your words was so apparent even the stars could see them burning brightly all the way from space. 

Erin Mae Dul

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I couldn’t translate why it was you in words, so it bloomed in my art. Across my canvases, and within lined notebooks bound with the taste of your silence in my mouth. The colours of your laugh mixed into the oils on the stained palette so I painted, and wrote, and day dreamt until it started all over again the next day.  

- Erin Mae Dul

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